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Actually, I suppose this really isn't a Genesis--Andrew and I have already had our own blogs. Technically, this would be an Exodus, because we are moving from our old blogs to this new blog, Of Bald Men and Bears. Levickticus, anyone?

Although we will no longer post to our old blogs, we will keep them up for posterity's sake. You can see Andrew's and mine (Jacob's) by clicking the respective links.

Thank you for your support, and God bless America. And go vote. If you haven't.



I feel like we should smash a bottle of champagne on the side of your newborn blog before sending it out in the world. Or at least dunk it in the baptismal fount.

As long as its an official, octagonal font.

i know where i can find one...

its great you've combined your efforts on the writing. now combine your efforts on the visual aspects of this page. the huge bright orange text against the white background makes me cringe. draw people in with better visual appeal and they will be more inclined to read. just don't go so far as adding in all the flashing colored lights and hip cool images behind the words like they seem to be doing in worship services these days. and be careful not to fall into change-a-font syndrom.

sincerely -- the straight eye for no guy

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