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Shame and Fear

So...I just looked through the list of blog posts for the summer to find (much to my mortification), that I only posted three times since school got out for the summer. But, since I am justified by faith and not by how many posts I compose, I shall lay aside every weight and the procrastination which clings so closely, and I shall run with endurance the race that is set before me, despising the shame of a naked blog, and I shall begin to post afresh. So here goes...

I went to San Antonio, TX, a couple of weeks ago. To save about $80, I booked a room for the first two days at a Super 8 motel that was "within a mile of the Riverwalk." Before I left, I checked the details on the motel's web site, and got a really bad feeling when one of the motel overview points was, "Don't be deceived by our elegant appearance, our rates are within your budget." What sort of target customer would think a Super 8 motel to be elegant in appearance?

Nevertheless, I gritted my teeth and stuck with my reservation. From the airport, I took a shuttle (the best deal to get from the airport to a hotel in San Antonio--they have a very good shuttle system) to my motel. As everyone else was getting dropped off at Hyatts and Westins and Hiltons, the number in the shuttle kept getting lower and lower, until I was the last person to drop off. I understood the reason for this when we started heading to my motel--I was staying in the ghetto part of San Antonio, and it probably would have ruined everyone else's vacation if they saw where I was staying before they went to their upscale hotels.

But, the shuttle driver dropped me off, and, after a word of caution not to walk at night (not that I was planning on it since I had seen graffiti written across the back of my Super 8), he left. After checking in, I went to my room and immediately bolted myself into my outdoor-entrance room. Only half the lightbulbs worked, the clothes rack was falling off the wall, and the bathroom was very dirty. Elegant indeed. Let's just say that I was extremely thankful to switch to the Westin Riverwalk halfway through the week. The Westin's dual shower-head, in-room complimentary Starbucks (!) coffee, and bed that I would have have been happy to die on made up for the Super 8's moldy shower, dirt-based coffee, and bed that could have killed me.

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