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A Better Country

An excerpt from my homework:

Prudence: And what is it that makes you so desirous to go to Mount Zion?

Christian: Why, there I hope to see him alive, that did hang dead on the Cross; and there I hope to be rid of all those things, that to this day are in me, an annoyance to me; there they say there is no death, and there I shall dwell with such Company as I like best. For to tell you truth, I love him, because I was by him eased of my burden, and I am weary of my inward sickness; I would fain be where I shall die no more, and with the Company that shall continually cry, Holy, Holy, Holy.

--John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress

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That's some good homework. I love Pilgrim's Progress.

Hey, did you take Jewish American Fiction with Shapiro? Cause I'm taking that class.

Yes I did, and I would advise you not to mention my name. I don't think he liked me all that much. :)

It's a very good class, though. Is yours a night class? Also, out of curiosity, is My Name is Asher Lev part of the class? When I wrote my final paper on it, he said that he was going to reconsider putting it on.

It's not, although I've already referenced it in my first quiz. :)

(And yes, it is a night class.)

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