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Moving Day

I have grown to appreciate the blogging service WordPress more and more, and I have begun to dislike Blogger proportionately. So, Andrew and I are shifting our blog from here to a new WordPress blog at http://baldbears.wordpress.com. The format and template is a work in progress, but WordPress gives bloggers the convenient option of simply importing old posts. So, I have already imported this blog, but also the old blog that I had before Andrew and I joined forces. Andrew is in the process of uploading his old blog.

Additionally, it will be important to know that some of our intra-blog links (that is, those that point to other posts that we ourselves have written) will still point to our Blogger blog. We will be working on updating those over time, but please be patient. All the dates should be the same, though, so there shouldn't be too much trouble accessing old blog posts through our archive.

So, take the red pill with us, and we'll see you on the other side!