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sheepOn the way over to the library this morning I was thinking, why not some sheep? I mean really, why can't we have a few sheep scattered here and there on the UNL lawns? Think about, on your way to Hamilton you pass a small flock of four or five white, puffy sheep wandering across the commons area. Wouldn't that just make your day?

Some might liken this to the time I proposed having Angora rabbits and kittens in the commons area between the Union and Kauffman. Or the time I suggested getting ducks in the fountain. But really, what's so wrong with gaining a few more exotic forms of animal life around here? We spend so much time pushing for diversification of students and faculty, and yet are content with a fairly homogenous representation of fauna.

I'm not suggesting anything outlandish, like having elephants or pigmy shrews all over the place. I just desire to broaden my understanding by incorporating underpriveleged forms of animal life into my educational environment.

T-Shirts anyone?
"People for the Animalization of UNL"


That is one of the essential questions of life: "why not some sheep?"

Don't fear, because I've heard it oft said, "Sheep happen."

I would get that t-shirt.

We do have some cats... they live in the bushes on R street. Or at least they did. It was either last year or the year before that there were some kittens. They were super-cute, but a little skiddish.

You know what I would like to see are some roaming peacocks like they have at the zoo. I also like the idea of ducks in the fountain.


While I was in Northern Ireland this summer, I saw sheep everywhere. And I mean, EVERYWHERE. This gave me many close encounters with the animals. Having sheep wandering UNL might be a problem, and here's why:

1)Sheep are incredibly stupid. Within days they would wander out into traffic, classrooms, or get their heads stuck in bike racks.
2) Sheep are simply way too fun to scare. Students would have a heyday chasing down the sheep who would in turn get nervous, try to jump over something, and end up flipped over on their backs, baaing to the student and faculty at large.
3)They reek.
4)They poo absolutely everywhere. It would look as though UNL was being perpetually aerated, and all the grass would be nearly gone, because the sheep would have eaten it.

And yet, there is a positive side to having sheep on campus:
1)An annual school-wide sheep shearing contest. Then you could send the wool over to the textiles department for class projects.
2) One would be forced to consider the biblical analogies of "we are like sheep" and realize how stupid and helpless we are as well. The potential for mass conversion is huge. All the street preachers would have illustrations galore.
3)Student stress would be greatly reduced because I must say, its great fun to chase a herd of sheep across wide open spaces.

And I'd buy the t-shirt as well.


I have seen these cats. Except I'm thinking we should only have kittens, cause they're cuter. Perhaps every 6 months we swap out the now-cats and replace them with new kittens. (And yes I am a cat person so I'm not suggesting we kill the retired cats or anything).


As you can see, the advantages infinitely outweigh the drawbacks. I think Harvey would have to go for it. I mean, this is the man who "hopes we'll join him in keeping our fingers crossed" about Tommy Lee.

it is not commonly known that we do in fact have sheep on unl campus--or, rather, cowboy campus, also known as east.

I did not know that.

BTW, if you read this, Lindsay, check your email re: taking the comment record

i am going to eat dinner.
enough is enough.

You guys should all head over to East Campus, where there is a vast plethora of domesticated animals, including over 50 sheep and lambs. However, I must also warn you that there are over 5000 mice!

Katy (Animal Science Major)

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