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Blast from the Past

Here's a fun trip down memory avenue (why not? why must it always be "lane"?). The comments in response to this post constituted the War of American Literature of 2004. Good times, good times.


Hi, this post is all about Henry David Thoreau, REAL THOREAU. This post is awesome. My name is Andrew and I can't stop thinking about Thoreau. This guy is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

1. Henry David Thoreau was a mammal.

2. Henry David Thoreau tended his bean field ALL the time.

3. The purpose of the Henry David Thoreau was to live in a shack in the woods and criticize modern society.



I love the neck beard!

I'm taking Plains Literature this semester, and we're reading Willa Cather. w00t.

What if Willa (if she were not a lesbian) and Henry had mated? Now those would be some fine-looking children.


"What if Willa (if she were not a lesbian) and Henry had mated?"

Now THAT makes me want to Thoreau-up.

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