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Good Times

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Andrew, I didn't know your car had the capabilities to even make it off a road and into a cornfield. You're taking "drive it into the ground" to a whole new level.

I should clarify:
That's not my car, but rather Nathaniel's, the RUF intern. He also the one driving. I'm taking the picture.

I know it's trite, but I'll say it anyway: lol.

Great shot.

Okay, I knew it wasn't you driving, but those tiny blue Hondas ...

I wish you could know how hard we all laughed when Sarah came back and said, "Yeah, Nathaniel got stuck." Serves you all right. :)

yeah...we were sort of hoping we could get unstuck before anyone found us, but alas...

hehe, we girls are looking so helpless in the background...

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