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On Sunday, I took a daytrip to Goslar, a small town on the northern edge of the Harz mountains. The Harz range, just an hour or so by train from Göttingen, is becoming my place to go when I need a quick escape. Although not the most epic mountain range on the planet, I'm developing an affinity for it. For spring, I've been considering of a five-day Wanderung on the Hexenstieg, a long-distance hiking trail across the Harz.

The highlight of the day was a tour of the Kaiserpfalz ("imperial palace" - see picture) in Goslar. It served as a palace to the kings of the German empire during the middle ages. It was rescued from dilapidation by Kaiser Wilhelm in the late nineteenth century, who saw it as a means of symbolically connecting his reign with those of the earlier kings. The murals that he commissioned decorate the entire great hall, and depict German history so as to connect Wilhelm with the kings of old. Very interesting.

I have a few other photos from the day on my Flickr page.

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Those pictures are beautiful. I'm still looking for that "quick escape" place in or near Birmingham. I suppose that I haven't tried all that hard, though--the scenery here is beautiful no matter where I have gone.

Still, we don't have castles and have never had kaisers. We had a King once (he was even named after a German, as I recall), but we locked him up about forty years ago. Something about peace and equality...

Ya make me laugh. :)

Not to make you jealous or anything, but I'm think I'm going to visit the Wartburg Castle where Luther translated the New Testament on Saturday. I was checking prices, and it'd only about 15 EUR roundtrip. I'll definitely try to get some blog-worthy photos.

Jacob--Very witty. :)

Andrew--please get pictures if you can! I'd love to see them. That's what theology majors do on days that we don't want to do normal class: watch picture slideshows of historical places and events in Christian history. Last time was Qumran and Masada. Score!

I haven't gotten to Luther in Church History yet--he translated the whole NT on a Saturday? Am I confused? I've never heard that story.

A little dangling modifier humor for ya there, folks.

Oh--I'm laughing now! I honestly didn't mean to be funny; I was actually confused.

Now I just feel stupid. But I still am going to pay more attention in Church History next semester.

And I'm going to pay more attention in Grammar. At least in English Grammar.

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