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Destination Tuscaloosa

This evening, the Nebraska Cornhusker baseball team will travel today to Tuscaloosa, AL to play the Alabama Crimson Tide, and I'm going to be there. I talked some seminary friends into making the hour-long drive from Birmingham to see the game--some are Alabama fans, and some are just along for the ride.

One of the Alabama fans I'm going down with passed me this little poem, and I wanted to print it here in order to give you a taste of life down here in Alabama:

If you wanna know the password for where
     the streets are paved of gold
It ain't but one little phrase and that's
     "Roll tide, roll."
I could be in for a long drive.

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Nebraska is going to win. And for your sake, I really do hope they do :)

And just to be contrary, I hope they don't. :)

For once in my life I'd like to live in a state that isn't fanatical about football.

It's baseball season now, Lindsey. :)


I KNOW that, I promise I'm not that stupid. But I wouldn't consider either Nebraska or Alabama to be fanatical about baseball, mostly football. But I see how my comment led you to believe that I thought you were referring to football. This was actually my train of thought:
"I remember Roll Tide from when I was in AL>>Stupid crazy sports fans>>Football season is way worse>>I'd like to live in a state that is unlike Nebraska, Alabama, or Arkansas in that it isn't crazy about football."

I figured as much, but it was just such a softball (pardon the pun)!

Nebraska is fanatical about sports in general, not just football. Football is the most visible, but the state has set record crowds for volleyball attendance at the Qwest Center over the last two years. The College World Series is almost always sold out, and it's impossible to come by a ticket if Nebraska is playing.

And for non-collegiate athletics, I know the Lincoln Stars have historically drawn really well. I don't know how the attendance has been recently, but I used to know people who went to games all the time and talked about how fun the crowd was.

I just wish people would be more fired up over the women's basketball team...

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