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Letter to the Editor

This past year that I have been in seminary in Alabama, I have still tried to keep up with the Daily Nebraskan, the school newspaper from my undergraduate institution, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. On Wednesday, they ran an editorial asserting that the Bible should be read as literature and nothing more. I wrote a letter to the editor in response, and they printed it today. You can read my letter here.

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I would like to take this moment to point out that you posted that at 4.04 AM... that just made me smile. Great letter too by the way, I really appreciate the way you're able to think clearly through issues and see how everything connects back to the gospel. Often when people try to do that they come off as someone who didn't listen at all b/c they're trying so hard to somehow cram a romans road verse into the conversation. "Well, I understand what you're saying about interpreting the Bible as literature... but have you ever thought where you'd go if you died tonight?" You avoid doing that, which I greatly appreciate :). We need to talk this weekend, does sometime sunday work? (btw, eric and i have a new blog home, check it out when you get a minute :) )

About the whole 4:04 thing...yeah...it's kind of been a long week. :)

Thanks for the comments; I hope that it might help people to see that we can't just make the Bible into anything we choose, because it contains a dead-serious message. Certainly, anyone is free to reject the message of the Bible (just as I reject the Koran as an authoritative text), but at least this shows them that there are only two possibilities to Jesus: yes or no.

Also, I updated the link on our blog--it looks nice. :)

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