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Alabamian Delicacies

This is about five miles from my apartment. Are they targeting 6-year-olds?

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Better than Shaved Dogs and Hot Ice, I guess.

After talking with Allison about this post, I began to wonder if no one finds this as funny as I do. I just cannot ever imagine anyone saying, "Hmmm...I'm hungry. What do I want? I know! I want a hot dog, and then, for dessert, shaved ice sounds delicious!"

But maybe that's just me.

i guess it's an alabama thing.... now i'm trying to think of the nebraska equivalent but i can't think of anything that good...

We have several shaved ice stands around here. But I actually think they're rather WT because they're about half the size of the Bluth Banana Stand and are basically turquoise wooden shacks. If you add schnapps, the shaved ice tastes much better. :)

But do they also sell hot dogs?

I especially like the picture, with the overweight man wondering, "But will the raspberry coconut go with the mustard?"

No they do not also sell hot dogs. I think that improves business.

If you look at the smaller sign, it says that they sell homemade chili and soups also. And the menu looks to be rather extensive. Maybe shaved ice and hot dogs are just their biggest sellers.

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