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There's a First Time for Everything

This morning at 5:56 a.m., I heard what sounded like a gunshot outside my window. I told myself that it was probably a car back-firing or something (at 5:58, I heard a car drive away), and I didn't see anything when I looked outside, but I had a nagging concern what I heard might have been something really bad. So, after deliberating about five minutes about whether I was being stupid, I went ahead and called 911 to report what I had heard.

My cell phone background turned a color I had never seen before (pink), and the words "Emergency Call" flashed across the LCD screen. After a brief conference with the 911 operator (which brought back many a memory from watching "Rescue 911" during my childhood), he assured me that they would send a police officer to make sure that everything was okay. I don't think I was ever scared, but I did have an odd sort of adrenaline rush during the whole thing.

Who knew Alabama would be so exciting?

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Finally! Someone else who grew up watching William Shatner and Rescue 911.

So how did it turn out? Was it a Mafia hit or anything?

I never heard anything else. So, I suppose that it could have been a Mafia hit. Or a drug deal gone bad. Or a car back-firing.

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