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I Love Nebraska Update

For those who were interested, I received the following e-mail today from Sen. Burling about what I had sent him concerning his bill to change the state song:
Dear Jacob,

Thank you for contacting me with your opinions on Legislative Bill 345 to change the Nebraska State Song. I introduced this legislation to provide a forum for the opponents and proponents to express their wishes on the subject.

Please never hesitate to contact me with your opinions and concerns in the future.

Senator Carroll Burling
District 33

That might be the least committed statement a human being could possibly make.

Seriously, though, from my time working as a page in the Legislature, I do know that they take very seriously these sorts of e-mails, phone calls, and letters. He was being very honest when he urged me contact him whenever I have opinions. In my experience, most of Nebraska's legislators similarly want to hear from their constituents.

As cynical as we might be about politics in general, I have a lot of respect for how the Legislature works.

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Well I for one am less cynical about my local state government since touring the state capitol building and standing in the hallowed legislative chamber. And I would have been even happy if a certain someone would have let me sit in Ernie Chambers' chair!

I was protecting you--they might have shot you if you made a movement to his chair.

nice of him (or his staff) to respond. more people need to write their senator like that. As if Nebraska was just dying for a forum to discuss changing the state song.

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