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I Love Nebraska (But Not Like This)

I had heard in the news that Nebraska Legislative Senator Carroll Burling (my senator, representing the 33rd District) had introduced a bill (LB 345) that proposes to change the state song from "Beautiful Nebraska" to some country song performed by a woman in our district. I hadn't heard the song until today, when I read some commentary on this particular bill at another blog. I suppose this bill, in itself, might be an argument in favor of term limits.

At least with "Beautiful Nebraska"--which, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is cheesy--we can defend our state pride by pointing out that it was written a long time ago, when all songs were cheesy. I read that one of Burling's motivational factors was to provide a "contemporary sound" (or something like that) to our state song. Well, if this is contemporary, I want a time machine. "I Love Nebraska" is simply awful. It almost makes me want to stay in Alabama. (Almost, mind you.)

Listen to it for yourself:

UPDATE (10:21 AM, 1/20/07): I wrote the following e-mail to Sen. Burling in opposition of LB 345. If you would like to contact your state senator, you can get their e-mail addresses here. This, of course, assumes that you know the district in which you live. If you don't, you can find your district number here.
Hon. Senator Burling--

I understand that you have introduced LB 345, which would change our state song from "Beautiful Nebraska" to a newer song called "I Love Nebraska." I appreciate your efforts to update our state song to something more contemporary, but, having heard the song and seen the music video (available on the internet), I must state my strong opinion that this particular song is NOT the right song to replace the old one. I stand in OPPOSITION to this bill.

From an artistic point of view, there are poorly written lyrics and forced rhymes. From an aesthetic point of view, there are many Nebraskans (including myself) who genuinely dislike country music as a genre, but I don't even think that this is particularly good country music.

Finally, I have a hard time imagining children learning this new song in schools. I myself learned "Beautiful Nebraska" while I was growing up in Nebraska public schools, and it was a song that is capable of being sung by choirs and even children. "I Love Nebraska," however, is a performance-oriented song, and its nature wouldn't really allow any but country music soloists to sing it. That hardly seems fitting for a state song.

So, I would request that you request to withdraw the bill or move that it be postponed indefinitely. Please do NOT continue to support this bill.

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing as my senator!

Jacob Gerber
Hastings, NE

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I listened to 30 seconds, and the song is cheesy (and that's not a contemporary sound - it's been around since the 1700s, silly chord progressions). The video is even worse. But that's just my opinion on the matter.

What we need for our state song is that really really annoying song that they used a lot early in my college career on videos they showed that were University sponsored... it was performed by the Scarlet & Cream singers... I'm forgetting the name of it, but the gist was "Nebraska is my home state". It's at least halfway catchy, even if annoying.

I know the one you talking about! Yeah, actually that would be a pretty good state song--at least, better than the two alternatives set before us now.

Still, I suppose I should admit that I have a teensy-weensy bit of sentimental attachment to "Beautiful Nebraska." I remember learning and singing it in elementary school, and I can still remember all the words, even if some of them sound like they were written off an LSD trip:

"Beautiful Nebraska, as you look around,
you will find a rainbow reaching to the ground..."

I mean, come on. Only people on LSD see that kind of stuff.

LSD and other drugs brought us plenty of good music (well, that's debatable...). Just look at the '70s.

Wow. That was awful.

I have to add that I hear a lot more church bells on Sunday morning in Göttingen than I ever did in Lincoln. We have like what, maybe three churches that even have bells in Lincoln? If church bells are indicative of spiritual health (which I think the song implies), then Germany is in a lot better condition than Nebraska.

That song was hideous. It embodied everything I try to convince people Nebraska is not. Did that statue at the end of the song remind anyone of the "He Came" statute from Arrested Development? Anyway, I'd stick to "Roll Tide" if I were you, Jacob. At least for now.

Also, has anyone heard the song "Christmas in Nebraska"? It's also terribly cheesy.

On further consideration, I believe 4'33" by John Cage would be an improvement for our state song. At least the lyrics wouldn't suck and the music wouldn't be cheesy.

Yes, I've heard "Christmas in Nebraska". Unfortunately. I don't think there's any justification for writing something that bad.

Oh my goodness, that's terrible.

I move we change our state song to "Right Here in Nebraska" by the String Beans. My personal favorite lyric: "This is where the buffalo used to roam....until we shot them! Right here in Nebraska!"

(Listen to a sample clip here: http://www.thestringbeans.net/bean_shop/oodles_of_noodles)

Oh what the heck, I'll go ahead and include all the lyrics, because you just might learn something. I know I did!

Smack in the middle of our great nation,
Is a state which requires some explanation,
To east and west coasters who'll come up and ask ya,
"Is there anything of interest in the state of Nebraska?"

It's true we don't have mountains covered in snow
But we do have the world's biggest live chicken show.
We're the makers of Spam, we invented Kool Aid,
and this is where the first Reuben sandwich was made.
Right here in Nebraska! And there's more...

Our insect - the honeybee, our bird - the meadow lark,
The strobe light, our invention, works best in the dark.
As governments go, we're a freak of nature,
Cause we have the only one-house state legislature.
Only in Nebraska! And there's more...

On Arbor Day, when you plant a tree,
Remember that it started in Nebraska City,
We were once called a desert, but that name didn't take.
Since we have the country's largest underground lake.
Right under Nebraska! And there's more...

We have the world's largest forest, all planted by hand,
And more miles of rivers than any state in the land.
The College World Series calls Omaha home,
And this is where the buffalo used to roman.
Until we shot them...right here in Nebraska! And there's more...

We were the first state to finish our I-80 section,
And the first to pit two women in a gubernatorial election.
We invented 911 emergency communication,
And we're the top producer of center pivot irrigation.
Right here in Nebraska...and there's more!

Our wooly mammoth fossil is the largest ever found,
And our moumental "Car Henge" is bound to astound.
We have a few museums that you could call odd,
Dedicated to fur trading, roller skates, and sod.
Right here in Nebraska! And there's more...

We built the world's largest porch swing, indoor desert and rain forest,
And anyone who visits is sure to adore us...
So pack up the kiddies, the pets and the wife,
And see why Nebraska is called "the good life."

I don't know guys, Ginger ten Bensel is the only reason I would watch KHAS news in Hastings. She was my favorite.

Oh wait, I may have exchanged the words "my favorite" for "the most annoying person in the world who had horrible jokes and would laugh at them, alone mind you, as if they were the best thing since gluten free sliced bread" by accident. Sorry.

Bitter, brother?

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