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Blues Clues Sings the Blues (sorry, 'blues' worked better than 'indie-pop')

steveI laughed out loud when I found out that Steve Burns released a solo album. Yes, this is the Steve from Nickelodeon's Blues Clues. Apparently he got tired of children's television and decided to move on to more challenging pursuits, such as indie rock. He's become good friends with The Flaming Lips and is currently touring with them.

Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all. I always pictured Steve as one of those guys who went home from work and spent his evenings trying forget his day job.

I'd feel sorry for the guy if he wasn't already loaded from the TV show. I mean, how do you ever gain credibility on the independent music scene if you were that guy with the "Handy Dandy Notebook"? I can just picture the hecklers at his shows yelling, "Eh, Steve! Play the "Mail Song"!

I haven't heard the album, so I can't speak for the music. Maybe I'll have to sit down in my Thinking Chair and have a listen.

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Perhaps the scariest thing about all this is that you are familiar enough with "Blues Clues" to be able to work in things like the "Thinking Chair" into your post. A lesser (read: self-respecting) mortal would not have been able to do so.

Still, though, I hope everything works out for this guy. I mean, the last thing he needs is for those hecklers, once being turned down on their requests for the "Mail Song," to start saying threatening things like, "I'll get you, Hey Steve, if it's the last thing I do!!!"

Have you checked out Steve's FAQ? I think the man has some issues. Read his (their?) response to the question of why he (they?) left Blues Clues:

"we were the host of nickelodeon's blue's clues for 6 years, working with fantastic people. after the 100th episode, we felt it was time to move on. after we left, we made an album of music for grown-ups, fulfilling our long-held desire to become a rock godlet. helping toddlers rocked, and rocking rocks. we are a lucky man to have done both."

Or, perhaps a question as to whether he/they is/are dead:

"we are not dead. we do not plan to die until august 24, 2098. our death will take place in the middle of a 96-minute guitar solo that we will perform wearing a robotic exoskeleton. it will be broadcast live from alpha colony via brainwave-cable, as part of vh1's telecast of the monsters of metaphoric science rock reunion tour."

My favorite question and answer, though, is:

"can we go on a date?

of course we can, nicole kidman."

Aaa! You shattered my image of Steve!

I have always LOVED Steve on Blues Clues. (And there is absolutely nothing wrong with watching that show, knowing about the Thinking Chair, the Mail Song, etc.) But this is just weird. He's no longer the innocent cutie that he once was. I always pictured Steve as one of those guys who went home and put his feet up thinking about how lucky he was to reach kids the way he did.

Alas, Steve. I thought I knew thee.

But hey, give the music a listen - it pushes the envelope of current indie trends. I think the guy is genius. I mean, c'mon, he got all of you to watch Blue's Clues, didn't he?


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