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The Music

New additions to my music:

Don Chaffer and Waterdeep - Whole 'Nother Deal: Waterdeep's last studio release. I've been meaning to buy it forever, and Waterdeep finally made all their CDs available for download (at the low price of $7.50/CD) so I got this one at last. Great album that feels more like Live at the New Earth than Everyone's Beautiful and has some serious funk influence.

Waterdeep - Sink or Swim: Why I never picked this up earlier is beyond me. Slower than a lot of their stuff but seems very good.

Bright Eyes - various songs: Picked up some of this on recommendation from a friend. Definately "slit-your-wrist-rock" if ever there was such a thing, but it has its moments.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - various songs: Mostly their later, more melodic stuff.