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It's a new day...

And I von't be poosht around!

I tried an experiment last night--I was really tired and didn't really feel like doing much of anything (except to poke around on the Facebook or within the blogosphere), so I went to bed at 8:00. It worked pretty well (I'm up now at 3:00, and I'm feeling great), but there were some odd things about last night.

First, someone called my room at 8:50. This was really confusing in my stupor, and so I thought that it was time to get up. When I saw that it wasn't even 9:00, I had to check all my clocks to make sure they were correct. Then I realized that I could go back to bed. By the way, the jerk who called (no offense if said jerk happens to be reading this post!) didn't even leave a message.

At about 1:00, I was extremely ready to get up. Part of it was because my room was roasting (I had to get up, turn down the thermostat, and get a drink of water), but I don't think that my body was quite sure what to make of this attempt. I could still hear people up and about. I have to make absolutely sure that I don't get up/go to bed any earlier than this.

By the way, my neighbor (Chris) heard me get up yesterday morning because he was staying up almost all night to write a paper, so he came over at about 4:00, and we had a good time until he wanted to go to bed.

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