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You have good taste in radio

A while ago, Andrew posted about a web site called You Have Bad Taste In Music. I must confess that I didn't even check out this site until Andrew forced me to do so today. So, I poked around through some of them and found them interesting.

But, after a second look under the tutelage of my keen ears (and eyes), I think I found something quite interesting. On the site's video documentation of a trip to a Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguilera concert, at the very end of the clip, there is a lady who says, "Turn on Rush Limbaugh." Obviously, this in itself isn't very interesting at all, but I strongly believe that the lady is Ann Coulter, an extremely prominant conservative pundit. If so, this is a breakthrough in the world of politickery--this means that Ann Coulter in fact has bad taste in music! I wonder if the guy who runs this site knows who she is.

You can see a list of images of Ann Coulter here. Anyone think I'm correct on this?


It's not Ann Coulter...but she does sort of look like her.

I guess we'll see--I just e-mailed Ann Coulter through her web site. Of course, I'll post any response she or her assistants send me.

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