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Knickelback's Formulaic Popularity

For those of you who have always hated Knickelback but have been unable to properly articulate WHY, this should help: So Sad

It proves, once again, that there really is such a thing as a formula for success in the Top 40.

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But, if you are a certain person in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy, you have always liked Knickelback, and you are probably upset at my taking this cheap shot of you while you can't respond.

I was unaware that said person was a Knickelback fan. However, it in no way surprises me, as said person is also a Linkin Park and Creed fan.

As for the cheap shot, I assure you, it was unintentinonal. In fact, I'll make sure said person reads this an has an opportunity to defend Knickelback (if such a thing is possible.)

Addtional thought: I'm blown away by how exactly the identical these two songs have to be in order to blend like they do. The key is the same, the tempo is the same, the chord changes are basically the samesame, the song structure is the same, the length is the same, heck, even the drum builds are the same! it's incredible...or incredibly horrible. they should be charged with plagiarism of their own song.

see above comment for example of what happens when one forgets to proofread.

someday somehow gonna make it all right of what i really am to see the how you remind just as long as you sorry over the rainbow someday but not right now heyy heyy heyy yeahh yeahh blahh blahh.


The sad thing is that when I read Andrew's post I didn't notice a single error until I reread it. So don't worry Andrew, some people don't care about those things.

Given all the irregularity in my life over the past week or so, I feel I need some stability and consistency. I find Nickelback's consistent, uniform sound to be a source of comfort in this maelstorm of "originality" Andrew and Jacob seem to so ardently desire. They should have their appendix throw a grenade at their innards and see if that changes their mind.

I believe that you spent at least part of your hospital day reading a grammar book. Obviously there are still things you need to learn:

"to so ardently desire" is a hyper-split infinitive. You slapped two adverbs in the middle of the infinitive. Perhaps your pain pills are messing with your mind?

well Andrew, spoken like a true ignorant non-musician. i can put just about any 2 songs together that happen to be in the same key and at the same tempo and they will do the same thing. "most" musicians will write alot of there songs in the same key due to the fact that this is the key that best fits there voice. for some reason there are people who think they "must" hate anything that happens to be popular. "if it sells it must suck". this is a very sad attempt to be "cool". seems to be very closed minded to me. you have bands like "Franz Ferdinand" and "Modest Mouse" on your list of favorites. these 2 bands are perfect examples of juvinile attempts at song writing. there music is crap, there musicianship is crap, and so is there singing. i think you need to take a few song writing classes and figure out what good song writing actually is before you spout off about whats good and whats not. Eric.

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