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The Colorado Buffaloes

Before I get to what this post is all about, I should probably tell you a bit of my personal history. When I was but a wee lad (before third grade), I lived in a little town called Chappell, NE, which was very close to the border of Colorado. In fact, my family used to go to church across the border in Julesburg, CO.

During those formative years of my life (about 1989-1991), Colorado consistently beat or tied us (see the series record here). When we went to church after a loss, and, as the only Husker fans, we would occasionally have to muster a bit more grace than usual. The first time we beat them, though (52-7 in 1992), my parents would not let me say a word at church. I guess I'm still a little bitter.

That's why I'm only slightly embarassed have this picture on my desktop until Nebraska (hopefully) destroys the Buffaloes on November 26th. (To download an image appropriate for your screen's resolution, click here.)

I need your input: is this a bad grudge to hold? I mean, I love my brothers and sisters in Christ over in Colorado, but I cannot stand the sight of the nauseating black and gold of their football team. Must I let this go?


I suggest you just stop being a Husker fan altogether (or at least tone it down significantly.) When you're uncommitted to a team, you're free to love (or hate) all teams equally.

I think my Oxford NIV Study Bible has some note, right next to the one about how Hell doesn't exist, about how all Jesus' teachings don't apply to college football teams you really don't like.

Also, I would like to note for the record my appreciation to Jacob for agreeing to take me to the DMV tomorrow to renew my driver's license. He is very generous and patient.

I have an awesome t-shirt from Julesburg from the 80's.

Colorado sucks. They are worthy of all the scorn you heap upon them.

I second Bethany's opinion and cast a disapproving glance at Andrew's. Andrew, if you lived in Iowa or Missouri, or some other state not worth remembering, then I think your apathy would be appropriate. Seeing how we are the great Husker nation (going through a period of humility) it is your duty to share that love with others, down through the generations *insert old school 4Him song "For Future Generations" here*.

I still maintain that I have no reason to favor the Huskers over other teams. I don't know any of the players (with the possible exception of Lindsey's elementary hearthrob), just like I don't know any of the players on the Oklahoma or Colorado team. The fact they live in Lincoln, walk on the same campus (occasionally) and breath the same air I do is hardly enough to single them out for special attention. Besides, they didn't seem particularly interested in performance of our FACT team.

Ben--From the class when I had to use what I now affectionately term "The Atheist Bible"--your Oxford Study Bible--I believe everything you say.

Bethany--What's the t-shirt? You didn't by chance get it from the Julesburg Mennonite Church did you? If you did, that was my church. Gotta love pacifists, head-covering-wearing-women, and the ledge that daddy sat me on when I had to be taken out of church when I was naughty (all great memories of Julesburg Mennonite Church).

Lindsey--I love 4Him, especially their hymns album. But anyway, you are absolutely right.

Andrew--Of course, I am disappointed with you, but I suppose that I shall always be disappointed with you on this issue. How you can grow up in Lincoln during the most exciting time of Husker football in recent history without becoming a fan is beyond me. I'll keep praying for you, buddy.

Jacob - It has a picture of some deer and mountains on it (ironic since Julesberg is about as mountainous as Nebraska). It's not from a church... my mom bought it in 1985 I believe, on a trip to Colorado with my dad. I think she bought it at some gift shop or something.

You went to a Mennonite church, Jacob? Are you by chance of a Mennonite heritage, perhaps of the German persuasion? I ask this because I am, and its rare to find that other person who knows what a faspa is, and why for Christmas you eat borsht and zwiebach and not ham.

Faspa: the cheap, 80's knock-off of the much more popular Vespa.

I am only somewhat of Mennonite heritage. My grandparents on my father's side still attend that particular Julesburg Mennonite Church. My aunt (same side) married a man who is pastoring a Mennonite Church in Manitoba (that's in Canada for those of you who live in Rio Linda, CA), but they have also been missionaries to Paraguay (South America, that is). I attended my cousin's (from the family) wedding this summer, and the place was crawling with Mennonites.

"Gerber" is German--sort of. It's actually Swiss, which accounts for the French influence on the name (Zher-bay instead of the Germanic Gaer-baer).

Still, I have no idea what you are talking about for everything else. :) My family eats turkey at Christmas. I do not like ham, Sam I am.

I guess only Andrew and you will be able to share the "Secret of the Faspa." :)

And by the way, I'm not a pacifist, I don't think that head coverings are necessary (although I respect the women who do wear them quite a bit), and whenever I go back to Julesburg and see the ledge, images of terror flash through my mind.

Andrew, I wish that is what a faspa was. Unfortunately it usually involves a lot of bratwurst and cheeses after a funeral or holiday gathering. Perhaps we can change it ...

As a Fellow Buff (Chappell Buffs Class of '81) It would break my Heart to see you do anything other than Root for our Huskers !! I currently live in Denver and understand the BEATING We get at the hands of the CU Buffs and their Allum !!

Stay True and let the Comments/Verbal Abuse just ROLL off your back as I have the past 40+ Years !!

GoBigRed !!
GoBuffs (Chappell that is !!)


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