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The Man With the Oversized Hats

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I witness a unique occurance. At roughly 10:00 AM (I can get the precise time in the future if anyone wishes) while my bus is waiting for the light at 14th and O, I see an elderly gentlemen wearing some sort of strange, oversized hat cross the street, from west to east. He always crosses at exactly the same time, and goes into "Highnooner's" deli.

He has a collection of hats. I recall a large sombrero, a striped Uncle Sam hat, and an oversized (and I mean much oversized) cowboy hat. Word on the street (or at least on the bus) is that he carries around hundreds of uncashed social security checks, and never pays more than a dollar for anything.

I wonder what could be so important to The Man With the Oversized Hats at Highnooner's at 10:00. I mean, if it were high noon I could understand the compulsion of getting to Highnooner's. But 10:00? I've theorized a Mafia-funded operation involving his social security checks and several thousand household cats, but this seems unlikely.

He's probably just an old man with a odd routine. Still, The Man With the Oversized Hats never fails to give me cause for speculation.

I need to check out Highnooner's dollar menu sometime too.

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My roommate (Alyssa Schukar) had a photo of that guy on the front page of the DN today (or rather, yesterday - Wednesday). He was wearing his Uncle Sam hat, but it had flowers on it. He told her his name was Newt Snoopy.

Aha! So that's who 'scooped' me! After posting this, Jacob informed me about the photo in the DN, and now I feel so derivative. Seriously, I'd been planning on writing about him last week, but never got around to it.

Curses! Foiled again!

Perhaps though, you could "scoop" us all and be waiting for The Man With The Oversized Hats at Highnooner's some MWF and get his story--particularly why he wears the hats. Question: does this man with the oversized hats remind you at all of the book "Caps For Sale"?

There he was again today. 9:54 was the exact time.

Lindsey, good idea except that I'm on the bus headed to class, so I can't really stop and chat. But if anyone who's free at 10:00 would have lunch at Highnooner's and get the real story about The Man With the Oversized Hats, I'd be much obliged.

Well, when Alyssa asked him why he wore the hats, he said that he wanted to do something that no one else did. I don't know why he's always crossing the street at the same time though. Maybe he has OCD?

Oh and by the way, you were even more scooped by Rebecca on her blog:

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