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I want you not to go...

If you do not know what a parliamentarian is (I am one), you should read this before reading the rest of my post.
It seems that I'm having a difficult time with my many and much-loved inanimate objects. This time, though, I'm not sure how I'll recover.

What day is this besides the day Robert left me? Robert has been a close friend of mine for several years now; he has all my notes and underlinings from studying for my last three major parliamentary exams; he has travelled with me around the country to various parliamentarian events; and he has been everything I could ask for in a friend.

The only way I can describe the loss I'm feeling would be to have you imagine losing your favorite pet--sure, you might be able to get another animal, but it won't be the same one. I have other Roberts at home, but this one was special to me because of all the time we spent together, doing things together like drinking coffee and making plans to change the world.

I did about three hours of parliamentary procedure training this past Saturday, and I just realized that I haven't seen him since. I must have left him there, but I don't know if I can get him back. I just hope whoever comes across him will treat him well. Maybe one day we'll get to meet up again, but I have my doubts.

But still, I have to remember the good times. Robert, I remember that we used to preside, and everyone wanted to be you and me. In fact, I still want to be you and me. I wanted you not to go, but you did. Did I do all I could?

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I move that we get some parliamentary procedure action figures. That way Jim Slaughter could be...


And you could be...

THE PARLIAMENTERMINATOR (all rights reserved)
Comes with: Gavel, Knickers, Mr. Sippy, ballpoint pen
[Roberts Rules of Order now sold separately]

Yeah...I knew Robert. He was so helpful in my days as a Tennessee youth legislator/secretary of finance.

Everybody wanted to be us and yet...I didn't understand why? See, I had antipathy toward Robert and his "rules." Sure he brought stability but I always felt trapped and confined. Addicted to chaos I guess.

Oh wait, there was this one time Robert had me chase down two sophomores from Chattanooga to tell them that the Speaker of the house mis-judged the vote and that their bill actually didn't die because there wasn't a large enough vote difference between the Aye's and Nay's. They would survive that round of voting. Liberated...not trapped.

They were thrilled. Thanks to Robert.

So, I am sorry you lost your pet.


You are a good writer and thank you for the linkage.

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