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To whom it may concern...

I just found out that tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. (Central Time), ABC Family Channel will be airing a six hour marathon of 7th Heaven! Even better than just any old marathon of 7th Heaven--this is a marathon dedicated to the best six episodes featuring Ashlee Simpson!!!

Now, I know that most of you out there will say something self-righteous like "Hrumph--I don't watch 7th Heaven. I'm above 7th Heaven!" That's fine--you don't have convince me or anyone else about what you do or don't watch.

Still, for those of you out there who are closet 7th Heaven fans, just think of this as a discreet public service announcement. And by the way, you can get 7th Heaven computer desktop wallpaper and screen savers here.


Perhaps you should listen to Knickelback while watching Seventh Heaven. That way, you can marry predictable music with predictable plots.

As a "Serious" actor, I agree completely with Andrew.



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