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Oh, the anticipation!

Be sure to check our blog tomorrow morning for a very special post. Time is important, so check it as early as you get up (and maybe even get up a little earlier than usual). I'm so excited about this! This is like Christmas--I hope that you all can get to sleep.


Man. What a rotten time for Lindsay to take a sabblogtickal.

There may be other "special posts" in the future. When she returns, I'm sure that she will be only that much more excited to participate after having missed the first one.

Or, this may be a complete and utter flop, and she may be the fortunate one here. But I don't think so...I can't wait!

This reminds me of the "Very Special Episode" scenario used by all sitcoms. Usually such episodes involve life transitions, such as birth, death, or the proverbial "coming of age." Other topics include drugs, AIDS, and all sorts of serious issues. I hope this Very Special post will live up to the Very Special tradition.

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