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In case you hadn't noticed my newly added link to RandomShirts, I'm now a Random Shirts affiliate, meaning I receive a 20% commission on all shirts purchased through my site (which is quite an improvement over the previous 5% commission of iTunes). The real motivation behind this decision was, once again, my desire to purchase stuff at a discount (which I did, buying four of them a couple weeks ago).

Anyway, in order to make this worthwhile to you, if you buy a shirt through my site, I'll hook you up with something cool, like a free book or something. However, as with Jacob's previous contest rules, I have to be able to give it to you in person or get it to you without paying shipping, unless you really want to send me money to ship some crappy....er, I mean cool...book.

My personal RandomShirts collection now includes:
-Born to Dreidel
-I *Heart* Monkey Business
-Vote 2004
-Karaoke Superstar
Let me know if you'd like to see any of these and I'll model them the next time I see you.

I want to see you sporting the "I *Heart* Monkey Business." At church on Sunday, I might add. Perhaps it would mesh well with Jacob's talk.

Hrmmmm, I'll have to see about that...I think I might be up to play next Sunday and I'm not so sure that would go over real well.

i am the proud owner of "help us liberate pluto" and was for a short (but beautiful) period of time the owner of "new hampshire." the good shirts die young.

All the more reason, Andrew. You could really perpetuate the "boy band" look, all the while stomping on your distortion pedal. Maybe you could get Jacob to wear the "Born to Dreidel" shirt. It might attract that Messianic Jewess lurking in the college group masses.

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