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AP - After stumbling across comments on an Internet weblog, the rock band Nickelback has decided to change their name to "Knickelback," the band's manager, Allen Kent, revealed in a press conference early Tuesday.

"It was an epiphany, really," Kent said in the conference. "[Chad] Kroeger was surfing the Web this past weekend and saw fans calling the band Knickelback." Kent added that Kroeger, the lead singer for the band, phoned him immediately. "It wasn't much of a decision really. The added 'K' just seemed natural. It adds sort of a Middle English feel, which is what we're going for on the new album." Kent clarified that the change is substantive because the 'K' is not silent, resulting a new pronounciation of the band's name.

Kent could not specifically name the site Kroeger found the spelling on, but sources identified it as "Of Bald Men and Bears."

The site administrator responsible for the spelling, Andrew Hansen, remained unreachable Tuesday for comment. Fellow administrator Jacob Gerber had little to add. "Um...yeah...Andrew does stupid stuff like this all the time." When informed of Kent's comments from the conference, Gerber hastened to add, "We're not Nickelback fans."

Name changes are nothing new to the music industry. In the last decade, the performing arist Prince changed his name to 'The Artist,' then to a unique glyph, and finally back to Prince. More recently, pop singer Madonna experimented with the name Esther.

When asked whether the name change would be permanent, Kent responded, "Oh I think so. The band does everything with consideration and excellence, and this is no different."

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Thou winst the awyerd for best nous staure to bee publysht on ore blag. The staures I writ erleer sockt. I had meny mery fits reeding thes. Quod me, "Thes is greet!"

I noticed that spelling error ... however I think this Newsflash makes up for it.

(meny mery fits) x (hatreed of abuv-mentioned "band") = (no shame for reeding a blog on thanxgiving...well, only a leetle shame.)

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