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You Have Bad Taste in Music

As a sort of follow-up to my post on Knickelback, I thought I'd let you all know about a group of people trying hard to make this world a better place: You Have Bad Taste In Music

I also wanted, as a birthday present for Ben, to feature a site about all his favorite bands :)

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That's really funny. I have the same opinions, but these guys really put themselves in the middle of a warzone. That takes real conviction.

The one thing lacking on their site is any kind of "good music" alternative or characteristics of "bad music". It's something people should be able to figure out for themselves, yes, but apparently that part of the human mind has been bludgeoned into nonfunction by popular culture. So, is what they are doing a service, or simply an annoyance on par with the street preacher (condemnation with little advice about how to change your ways)? Well, I guess these guys at least have the truth on their side.

Sam G.

but how does the man decide what is bad music? is it merely the fact that that music has been embraced by the populous? (in which case he is merely being a snooty art elitist) or does he attack the music for it's corporate sponsorship and the fact that it is forced upon our minds over and over on mtv and the radio. (in which case he should attack bands such as U2 and modest mouse and even johnny cash) one clip bugged me because he asked a man what bands he liked, and the man replied "jars of clay". he proceeded to use the megaphone to tell the man that jars of clay was bad music. whatever your personal feelings about jars of clay (i personally enjoy much of their music), i doubt that the guy with the megaphoene really knew who the band was... it was like he attacked indiscriminately, just because someone claimed to like a band, he said it was "bad music"
but i did like when nickleback won the gold in the bad music olympics. and everyone should watch the hoobastank clip... so funny, so true

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