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My Achilles Heel

I confess; I am utterly weak. If you haven't noticed, I updated the list of books I'm reading on the bottom of our navigational bar on the right side. If you look at it, you can see that I'm already reading quite a few books. Still, I had a sudden urge about ten minutes ago and rushed to Love Library to pick up yet another book. I have absolutely not one iota of self control.

This time, my bound bane is Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis. I really don't know when I'll read it, but just having it somehow comforts me. Hopefully I'll get it read over Thanksgiving break, but I can't make promises.

Come to think of it, I'm not really sure why I even wanted to get it. I've been kind of wanting to read it since I read The Great Divorce earlier this year, but there never really is any rationality behind my book drive. I suppose this is something of what pregnant women feel: bizarre cravings late into the night (yes, 9:00 is getting late for me). Now if I could only find where I keep my ice cream and pickles...

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Well, at least you pick good books. TWFH is one of my favorites of all time (and, incidentally, CS Lewis's favorite of his works).

If one is allowed to squeeze three books into #1 favorite book spot, then TWHF, The Great Divorce, and The Chronicles of Narnia would be mine. I suppose that we may soon be able to expect a book review, then?

What?! "Walden" isn't everyone's #1? Where is the love?

And hey, I see Dispensationalism over in that column on the right, but where is Christ of the Covenants? ;)

I might add that "bound bane" is perhaps the best alliteration EVER. I give this the Phrase of the Day award.

I was reading a forum recently where someone posted a "funny" list of grammar things to avoid/do, like "don't use cliches--they're a dime a dozen" and so forth. One of them was "always avoid alliteration," and I was the only one who seemed to see the irony.

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(the irony being that phrase isn't even alliteration. Kind of takes some of the smug cleverness out of it.)

Jacob - I was just teasing. I haven't actually read CotC nor Dispensationalism, so I have no room to give you a hard time about it.

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The other blog administrator and I are not sure exactly how my comment got removed, but what I said was that I didn't have Christ of the Covenants because I put an inter-library loan request in too late to get it before Thanksgiving.

Then, I thanked Andrew for his award and humbly accepted it.

Furthermore, Andrew's comment was deleted because we both got confused about what was going on, and he posted a comment on both our behalf that would have made us sound stupid. Then, we briefly considered deleting all the comments on this post, but we decided that the combined wisdom here is too important for posterity's sake.

Actually, I probably need to read Christ of the Covenants more than I need to read Dispensationalism. I get dispensationalism every time I read the Bible. :)

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