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A very early post

Woohoo! I just wanted to share this new personal best with everyone of you, my blogging friends. Yesterday I threw caution to the wind, choosing naps and Die Hard (finally saw it--I loved it!) instead of really doing any homework at all. Still, today I have a rough draft of a final paper due, so I had to get up pretty early in order to make sure that I have as much time as possible to get it done. So, here I am. It's just past 3:30, and I can already tell that it's going to be a beautiful day!

Also, I'm probably going to skip my computer science class today--it's supposed to be something called a "Special Lecture," which the professor described as involving computer science games. No thanks. It's my first class for the day, and I'd prefer to get more work done on that paper.

By the way, I actually got a call a few weeks ago from a friend who happened to be up at 5:30 and knew that I would be up. It was the only contact I've received before 7:00 in the past three years. So, if any of you are up in the next five hours or so, I have my cell phone on. There won't be a special prize or anything, but I'm always in a particularly good mood in the morning, so I guess that's a prize in itself.

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