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Touching the Void

An excellent mountaineering documentary, Touching the Void, will be premiering on PBS tonight at 9:00 with a repeat showing at 10:30.


In the words of Homestar Runner:

I'll clarify that this "documentary" is not the typical documentary. It mixes drama with documentary-esque narration and is directed by Academy-Award winning director Kevin MacDonald.

It is also the first feature film I've seen that does justice to mountaineering. Some miserable failures include Cliffhanger and Vertical Limit.Read more about it here.

Just noticing how you two post about 70% of the comments on your blog.

So....does that mean you're going to watch it?

Surely you consider any "made for Lifetime" movies on the same level as the PBS documentaries. They're simply riveting.

PBS had an awesome 6 hour documentary on a few weekends ago about Broadway and the evolution of the Broadway play. It was great.

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