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Today, the Huskers officially broke all their streaks held over several years: I forgot to wear a Husker shirt to show my Husker pride despite our loss on Friday. I felt terrible when I realize my mistake, but there was nothing I could do; I hate to create unnecessary laundry. The only excuse I can offer is that I got up at 3:30 this morning--this was so early that it seemed like it was still yesterday.
This was my first night rooming with Buzz. I set him to get my coffee ready at 3:20 (ten minutes before I got up) so that I could wake up singing, "The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup!" The only problem is that Buzz is one noisy kid! He was all clicking and whooshing and doing just about everything else to signal that it was almost time to get up. I don't think I will program him early anymore. On a positive note, that boy makes some good coffee! I think that we'll get along fine--I mean, even Andrew made funny noises at odd hours of the night when we roomed together.
I got new shoes over the weekend, and today was the first day I tried them out. In wearing them today, I made a big mistake.

As Andrew can verify, I become somewhat obsessive-compulsive when it comes to the gravel/sand grit that they shovel across UNL's sidewalks at the first snow. When that stuff gets into your shoes, it ends up on your dorm room floor. When that happens, you can just forget about walking barefoot across your own floor. Poor new shoes. Poor bare feet.

I joined The Face Book. I don't really know why I did, because, as far as I can tell, it is nothing more than a colossal waste of time. By the way, there's a picture of me holding a gavel on my profile. It was one of my senior pictures, and it was always my favorite.


you appear to be obsessive-compulsive about more than just gravel/sand...

If you think I'm bad now, you should've seen me a few years ago--at that point in time, I couldn't step on cracks in sidewalks (in fact, I tried to adjust my step size to take the same number of steps in every sidewalk section); I had to make sure that entire rows of floor tiles were left unobstructed by objects such as trash cans, and then I would only stand on those rows of tiles (I imagined that lava filled any obstructed rows of tiles); I counted syllables and stair steps in groups of fours in a special pattern of finger movements; I couldn't start to do anything (i.e., begin homework, leave to go somewhere, etc...) except on the fifteen minute intervals of an hour (i.e., 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, etc...); I used three separate pens for three separate purposes--never would I use an unapproved pen for any given task.

I'm pleased to say that none of those idiosyncracies plague today. I am eccentricity-free! In fact, looking back on all of this, I guess I wasn't so bad...

Hmmm...me making noises at odd hours of the night eh?

I admit I did talk in my sleep on occasion.

Still, I don't think that holds a candle to your teeth grinding (actually it was more of a biting) and your high pitched muffled laugh (it was always only one laugh at a time) that you did while sleeping.

I can say with 100% truthfulness that I don't remember doing either of those things. Therefore, I think that you are making them up.

Well, I suppose Locke would say if you can't remember being conscious as that person, you weren't really him, so I guess we'll chalk it up as Facob rather than Jacob.

sometimes my roommate (melissa) talks in her sleep, but the only words i can decipher are "nooooo" and "i don't wannnaa."

I simply can't imagine Jacob or Andrew having idiosyncrasies. (note sarcasm)

The strangest thing I've ever had a roommate do was start yelling in her sleep at me to stop the komodo dragons from eating her feet. I didn't exactly know how to respond.

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In response to your obsessive habits Jacob, I thought I should share a couple. I can not listen to the stereo in my car or the stereo in my room unless the volume is set on an even numbered setting. I also tap my foot as I drive so that the taps correspond to passing telephone poles or any other equally spaced object, like the reflectors on the side of the highway. I also have a very strange pattern for washing my hair, that I'm not even sure I could describe. I think I got shampoo in my eyes once as a little kid, so I'm very obsessive about not getting shampoo in my eyes, to the point that I have like a minute long unconscious ritual to rid my hair/eyes of any traces of shampoo.

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