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We've Already Been Left Behind

Tyndale House is publishing a fictional series that is essentially a preterist version of Left Behind. The new series will be written by author Sigmund Brouwer (with whom I actually attended a writer's workshop, back in my younger years.) Read more here.

In related news, don't you hate those stupid sites that require a login and password? Worry no more. Bug Me Not is a project that provides people with user names and passwords for getting into common news sites, etc. All you do is type in the site address and it gives you a valid name and password for the site. Case in point: the above article can be accessed with the user name "noone99999@nowhere.com" and the password "123456." Pretty cool, huh?

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I read the Lincoln Journal Star article on the new apocalyptic series this weekend, and I think its interesting that they're taking the preterist viewpoint, especially considering that it is the hardest of the four primary Revelation views to back up historically/biblically. Its also one of the more interesting, so look forward for one of the books to detail the anti-christ Nero's activities, how his name means 666 in gematriya and christian fictionalization of the ancient myth that Nero died and came back to life. Considering that a large majority of Americans are dispensationalist of some kind, I'm curious to see the reaction to this "Revelation already happened" series.

Of course, being "good Christian fiction," I'm sure we'll be able to get the entire series as books-on-tape to listen to on family vacations.

Those of us who read Slashdot (a geek blog of technie/science news) were informed of Bug Me Not months ago. I'm not dissing you or anything; I'm just saying...go read Slashdot.

crap, he took my idea. i was going to write that novel!


maybe it's for the best.

A cool story here and there on SlashDot, such as Bug Me Not or iPod headphone trends, hardly warrants the time required to sift through all the nerd news, like "New Java Plugin Released!" or "GBaby: Google Pioneers Online Pregnancy." Besides, aren't you supposed to be doing that for us?

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