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More Late Nights But No Late Papers

I just finished the first draft of my Hebrew Bible paper that's due tomorrow at noon. I still need to edit it, but I'm not anticipating any substantive changes. And I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep for a bit before going about this.

Before you start charging fees, can I ask to read this paper?

Before you start charging fees, can I ask to read this paper?

check your gmailbox.

i'd be interested in reading it too, actually. not that a pastor's daughter doesn't already know everything there is to know about hebrew-type bibley stuff and other, you know, hebrews and whatnot...

check your gmail as well.

it's actually not that interesting, people. and it was researched and written in two days.

::stroking his lack of five-o-clock shadow:: hmmmm....maybe i should start charging...

correction: pastor's daugherts AND sons

correction: pastors' daughers and sons

correction: pastors' daughters and sons

correction: paztorses dotters end suns

correction: your mom.

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