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Reformed Baptist?

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Actually, I know a guy who is so hardcore PCA and Baptist, it's scary. I don't think those two should mix.

Lindsey.... my mother is PCAish but has been going to a Baptist church for 8 years. She refuses to join. Says they "don't talk about grace" enough.

But she still teaches Sunday School and runs the kitchen committee and heads up the women's ministry.


fully orbed and pernicious.

I had a big arguement with my family about this. It ended pleasently enough but had several heated portions in the middle.

On a hot summer night, many diffrent denominations got together and had a banquet. While eating, the air conditioner caught on fire. Immediately the Pentecostals rose to their feet and cried out FIRE! FIRE! Than the Baptist cried out WATER! WATER! Then Presbyterians joined in and cried out ORDER! ORDER!


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