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Public Transportation

The guys on the bus from one of the neighborhood group homes were discussing politics today. Here's what I overheard:

Guy 1: We should never have gone to war.

Guy 2: Yeah. You know what we should do...I think we should throw Sadaam in jail. Probably for almost ten years.

Guy 1: More like for life. Lock him up for life.


Guy 1: Gas is $2.04. I should have voted for Kerry. I should have voted for John Kerry. Instead I voted for Bush. Ever since he got elected for five more years, gas prices have gone up.

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WOW. That is the sort of stupidity I expect to see in Arkansas, not Nebraska!

five years is weak... i still wish they'd gone with a seventeen year presidential term with no chance for re-election. then the pres. could get something done around here! like not taking away my scholarships (grumbles under breath)

5yrs huh? lol

Aaron ... I am SO glad you are not making informing decisions about our government.

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