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Embarrassment is...

Embarrassment is discovering that you wore a brown belt all day at work to complement your black slacks and black shoes. I hope my black vest covered it up enough.


Good taste is realizing your mistake, and the solution. Millions of clueless men make the brown-black mistake every morning I'm sure. I'm sure most of them are single, too.

I think I worded this post badly--it sounds as if I discovered my mistake while at the capitol. Actually, I did not figure out my faux-pas until this evening when I was putting away the belt I had worn and then had thrown on my couch while changing before class.

But, I can't really claim credit for my fashion-savvy; it was my mother who instilled in me a few basic fashion rules. Otherwise, I might be brown-belting it every day with great gusto.

Weren't we just joking about that last night, Jacob? Also funny (to me) is that "faux-pas" was mispronounced "fox paws" at our worship team party Saturday night.

At the party Andrew referred to we played a game called Imagine If. I had to pick a faux pas from a list that would describe me, and I happened to pick brown belt with black pants. So Jacob just be glad you didn't commit another one of the faux pas on the list; your slip showing.

For what its worth, Andrew, she said she did know how to pronounce it, but made a mistake.

I must admit I own only one belt, and it's brown. I wear it sometimes with black shirts or shoes because hey, mistatching is better than your trousers randomly falling down.

Well Jacob, I am happy to report that Wal-Mart has a belt on which the buckle-latch thingie is reversible and so is the belt! It is black on one side, brown on the other. So if you do make such a discovery as you did today, then you can easily turn your belt around. (Sorry Bethany, such a thing is only available for guys) What will Wal-Mart think of next? Sheer brilliance, I tell you.

Okay, okay. I must admit: the brown belt I was wearing was a reversible Wal-Mart belt. The way I figured out I had been wearing a black belt is that, when I went to put the belt away, I realized that the brown side was out, even though I would not have touched it since I wore it to work. I was trying to save a little face.

By the way, at the Nebraska-Kansas basketball game, our fans kept chanting "Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart!" at one of the Kansas players while shaking Wal-Mart bags at him. I was really confused, but I found this article to explain what happened.

(By the way, that basketball story was mainly for Grant--he and I both had no clue about what was going on.)

I don't do much shopping at Wal-Mart, but I know there is a reversible brown/black belt available for women at some store in the universe... I used to have one. (I think I probably got it at Target.)

Embarrasement is not posting on your blog in five days

...or misspelling "embarrassment."

Ouch! I set myself up there I guess.

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