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Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Legislative Page

5) Working in the most beautiful building in Nebraska every single day. Today, I visited the State Law Library--so cool. (By the way, if anyone is interested in a tour of the capitol, I could show you a bunch of great places. Just let me know.)

4) Learning valuable life skills. So far, I've learned to run the mail room (including the fax machine and copy machine!), and people said my coffee tasted really good today. Furthermore, a senator asked me today to edit an official letter he was sending. After I edited it, the senator told me, "It's nice to know you can make something out of yourself whether you are something or not." He was just joking...I think.

3) Getting to see actual bomb dogs sniffing around senators' desks. 'Nuff said.

2) Having an ID Card that doubles as a magnetic key card that can get me almost anywhere in the capitol.

1) A paycheck.

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By "the most beautiful building in Nebraska" are you referring to the capitol building, aka "the penis of the plains"?

Well, the outside of the building might be offensive to some, but the inside is the quite certainly the most beautiful building in Nebraska. I wish I could have taken pictures of the Supreme Court chambers or the Court of Appeals chambers or especially the East Legislative Chambers (what the Nebraska Senate used to used when we had a bicameral legislature). It's all so stunningly gorgeous.

It's no wonder, IMHO, that "The Nebraska capitol building was declared the fourth ranking modern architectural wonder of the world by the American Institute of Architects." (Source)

Bethany, I was waiting for either you or I to make mention of the more widely known title for the capitol building. What is it with Nebraskan phallic symbols? Chimney Rock, the capitol ... modern architecture indeed.

I've never been inside the capitol building, so I can't say anything for its interior. I'm not a fan of the outside of it though (and not just because of its phallic connotations).

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