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Illness and Philosophy

Apparently the late nights of blogging and movies have caught up with me. I came down with a cold/sore throat yesterday and spent today on the sofa. Thankfully, a DVD I ordered arrived in the mail, giving me four hours of quality entertainment while I blew my nose and guzzled Gatorade.

The DVD was "The Question of God," a PBS program that aired last September. I read about it in the newspaper, but somehow missed the program on TV. Thankfully, Amazon supplied me with my very own copy of the four hour, two part series.

"The Question of God" is based on a Harvard professor's class in which he presents the spiritual and atheistic worldviews, as seen through the persons of C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud. The program is a quality production, and mixes documentary on the lives of Lewis and Freud with a discussion panel that examines the issues involved in each segment. The documentary segments are particularly good, and include live actors playing the roles of Lewis and Freud, taking their quotations directly from the work of Lewis and Freud. In this way, the documentary creates a dialogue between Lewis and Freud on God's existence and related issues.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend the program to anyone interested. You can learn more about it here.

That sounds like a good one. I read that book and enjoyed it quite a bit. Also, I heard the author of the book speak at the L'Abri conference last year. All very interesting.

That would be interesting to hear Dr. Nicholi. He moderates the discussion segments in the video. He tries to remain balanced, and the program attempts to present both worldviews equally and not make a final judgement, but it does seem that Nicholi ultimately sides with Lewis rather than Freud. Is that the impression you got from his talk at the conference?

Yeah, he does side with Lewis (Or, as his friends called him, Jack).

All the speakers at the L'Abri conference were coming from a Christian worldview. And, although we all know how theologically correct Freud was, (that's a drug-induced joke...i'm sick too) not too many people sided with him at the conference.

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