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Public Service Announcement

For those of you interested, the Boy Meets World Episode where Cory and Topanga get married will be on tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Central Time on the ABC Family Channell. I'm only reporting this because, if you were used to watching the series on the Disney Channel, you would probably not have seen this episode (I observed the Disney Channel skip this episode at least four times in its iterations through the Boy Meets World Series and instead go straight to the Honeymoon episode).

I should probably note, however, that Boy Meets World scholar Vivian Reed, whom I greatly respect because of her deep insight into Boy Meets World, does not like this episode. But, although I usually agree with Ms. Reed's analysis (which I consult quite frequently), I only partially agree with her this time; I think that she goes a bit over the top. As I recall, the show was not the best episode of the series (an honor that goes to one of the Fourth Season episodes, most likely An Affair to Forget or Chick Like Me), but it certainly wasn't as bad as she makes it. In any case, it is certainly an essential component of Boy Meets World, an episode that no one who considers him/herself to be a fan can miss.

This public service announcement is provided in part by support from readers like you.

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So after the Honeymoon episode did the title of the show change to Man Meets World, or did it stay Boy Meets World? I would assume it changed, but maybe the honeymoon wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Speaking of honeymoons, I've got a great place for you to go on your honeymoon. It's the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest in Southern California: http://www.topangabanjofiddle.org/.
Sounds like a rocking good time.

I'd have to do some research, but that may be the Hippie hangout from which the producers of Boy Meets World took Topanga's name. Although Topanga was a very normal girl in seasons 2-7, she was a bizarre hippie-freak in the first season (she said as much herself in a later episode).

And no, the name of the show did not change to "Man Meets World." In fact, only in the very last episode (Part II of Brave New World does Cory finally figure out the show's title, by delivering the classic line, "Boy Meets World. Now I get it!" (And no, I did not just regurgitate that from Ms. Reed's web site; to prove this, here's the context of the quote: Cory is talking to his new brother Joshua Gabriel (who can walk and talk even though he was just born in the previous season; and I'm fairly sure of the full name, but I couldn't back it up by finding it on Ms. Reed's site) about how he might, if he's [Josh] lucky, go through life and learn as much as he [Cory] has. Furthermore, it would be interesting to note that the kid who plays Joshua is the executive producer's son, and was also featured in The Honeymoon is Over as a really freaky, yet unrelated, kid in Cory and Topanga's married apartment.)

I love this show.

This morning, after I reread my comment from last night, I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be posting after 11:00--most of what I wrote doesn't make sense, and there are several missing end parentheses through the comment.

Live and learn, I guess.

I have come to the conclusion that you shouldn't be AWAKE after 11:00. It's better for everyone.

I was going to post some sarcastic comment, until I stopped and thought of how many shows I could write a similar post about, and then I realized I should probably just shut up before someone started pointing them out. ;)

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