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Male Bond-ing

(Nervously blogging with my laptop actually on my lap.)

Some highlights from Sunday evening's Goldeneye Party and Monday's Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Marathon (yes, we watched every extended edition version in one day, one after another):

  • On Sunday night, taking a break from murdering each other on the Nintendo 64 console in order to debate the relative merits of Calvinism.
  • On Monday morning, remembering (from when we roomed together) the joy of having to wake Andrew up after being awoken by his alarm clock, which he had instinctively turned off in his sleep.
  • Creating a hypothetical drinking game where participants would take a drink every time Sam and Frodo exchange a "knowing look." (Note: we neither participated in this game nor do we encourage anyone to participate in this game, because participants are almost sure to die of alcohol poisoning--unless, of course, the aforementioned participants are elves.)
  • My incessant comparison of every particularly ugly orc to Ben.
  • On the Taco Bell run for lunch, my trying to explain Shakespeare's use of puns and how he used words whose meanings have changed since his time; my example: "conceive" meaning "to understand," to which the entire car proceeded to give examples of all the ways in which we still do use the word "conceive" to mean "understand."
  • The "Breaking of the Fellowship," when Grant had to leave some time during Return of the King.
  • On the drive back to Hastings, Ben's saying, "I think it's really dark out because it's so cloudy," to which I said, "Ben, I can see the moon and several stars. Look, there's a constellation," to which Ben responded, "Oh, crappy."
  • Andrew's comment about the movie marathon:
    "I don't think we'll do that again."
    "Oh, we may yet, Mr. Frodo. We may yet."

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All I have to say is that it really looked dark at first. I hope your laptop reduces your sperm count.

First, I think that we eventually agreed that it was dark merely because the sun had gone down.

As for your other comment, I shall make no response; it was decidedly below the belt.

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