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Ben's Soulmate

We need to watch Ben so that he doesn't get to this point. I suppose, though, that it might already be too late.


Hey, if I have to pay more than three dollars for a sandwich, I see no reason why I should not expect it to be perfect. Now, I admit throwing the sandwich back at the worker was a little too much. After all, an imperfect sandwich is better than no sandwich. Burning down a bad sandwich place is actually, in my view, doing a favor to the world. So, this guy was largely on the right track, but he should have kept the sandwich.

If necessary, pardon my inept understanding of your comment, but...if an imperfect sandwich is better than no sandwich, why would it be good to burn down a bad sandwich place?

Assuming that imperfect sandwich=bad sandwich:
If bad sandwich place, then bad sandwiches.
Bad sandwiches are better than no sandwiches.
If no bad sandwich place, no sandwiches.

Your statement: Bad sandwich places should be torched. (This implies that a bad sandwich is actually WORSE than no sandwich, according to the above stipulations.)

I think we should form a group of those in favor of Ben taking a logic class...oh wait, he already did that...

Either Ben paid Christy to say that, or Ben is masquerading(sp?) as Christy.

Grant--why would I pay Chrisy to write that? She pointed out how I had made fool of myself. I know that sounds fun, but having it done at least three times a day by Jacob and Christy in person is generaly enough for me. I certainly do not need it preserved for posterity in cyberspace.

Christy took logic as well, so she is certainly qualified to make her assessment. I guess I did not bother to make a truth table of my argument before I posted it.

I agree. Chrisy is more than capable of doing this sort of logic. Chrisy and I were in the same logic class with Becker. Chrisy an intelligent girl.

Come to think of it, Christy was in that class too...

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