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Gollum and Gifts

Some people did a complete psychological and psychiatrical diagnosis of Gollum's problems for the British Medical Journal. It's a pretty funny read.

Also, in case you were ever foolish enough to think that those offers for free iPods could be legitimate (what idiot would think that?), you should probably read this article from the New York Times. Tricksy spammerses.

So, it seems that those of us who do not yet have iPods will just have to get them the traditional way: wait for our birthdays, and, if necessary, strangle good friends. (Hey Andrew--want to go fishing sometime?)



I don't have an iPod either, although my sister got one for Christmas and so I suppose I'll have to injure her to use it, though after two days of poring over the instructions, we've declared our family to be Mac-illiterate (my apologies to those I have called to see where the "off" button was).

Perhaps you'd best not conform to the allure of the ultimate, aesthetically-pleasing, mobile song thingie.

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