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The Sexiest Man Alive!

No, ladies, it's not me (contrary to popular opinion, I'm sure). In fact, this sexy man reached the peak of his hotness in 1983, when he took these pictures for Teen Beat Magazine:

Now you see that reading Slashdot has its benefits. I think my favorite part about all of this is where he seems to be flipping floppies at us--how incredibly geeky! Also, be sure to notice that the computer behind Mr. Gates in the first picture is one of those really old-school Macs. He's probably stealing the code for the graphic user interface as these pictures are taken.


Be still my beating heart.

I simply can't think of anything hotter.

Is that an action shot of him throwing a disk at the camera? Oh my. How... rogue-ish! What a guy.

If you think Satan is sexy, then yes, I suppose Bill Gates is sexy.

Now, now, Bethany. Bill Gates is not Satan.

He's merely the Antichrist.

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