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Catchphrase Humor

This weekend, Andrew and I went to a prayer retreat with our church. After all the planned activities had died down last night, we, along with several other people, played a game of Catchphrase. Most of it was quite tedious because many people weren't really paying attention, but there were some clues and answers worth blogging about.
The clue: If you are a Buddhist, you believe in this...
The guess: Confucius?
The solution: dogma
The clue: This is a tree, but not just any tree; a really long tree.
The guess: Weeping willow?
The clarification: Just the first word.
The response: Weeping?
The solution: "No, 'willow.'"
The clue: Guys wear these around their necks... (spoken by a girl)
The guess: Chains? (spoken by a guy)
The solution: I don't have any idea; I was laughing too hard at the guy who had such a good perception of the nature of male-female relationships.

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One of my favorite Catchphrase experiences ever was during high school.

The clue: Sheep are made of this!
The guess: Wool?
The solution: Cotton.

I'm a blog lurker. But this Catchphrase experience is too funny not to share.

The Clue: It's someone famous.
The Guess: The President.
The Clarification: Softer.
The Guess: Bambi!
Which was the correct solution, of course.

BESS (Anne G.'s sister)

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