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Leave it to Apple


"Apple engineers designed this small wonder from the ground up to deliver the most Mac for the least dinero. Inside its petite 2-inch tall, 6.5-inch square anodized aluminum enclosure, Mac mini houses a 1.25 or 1.42GHz G4 processor, 40 or 80GB hard drive, a slot-loading CD-R/DVD-ROM optical drive, 256MB DDR SDRAM and ATI Radeon 9200 graphics chip with 32MB dedicated DDR SDRAM — all whisper-quiet."

Starting at $499.


Isn't it cool? And did you see the iPod Shuffle? So tiny! And cheap! Although I listen to songs on random on my iPod fairly often, I don't think I'd want it to be the only way I could listen.

Personally I'm waiting for the release of Tiger, the new OS.

I'm going to go ahead and say that I think the iPod Shuffle looks ridiculous. No control over what songs your going to listen to? No screen? Why?! I could maybe understand it if there was no alternative to the iPod, but the iPod Mini is a great "active" alternative to the iPod, and with 4 GB to boot. There was no need for Apple to create a flash player, and it's basically the same as all other flash players out. Apple made a mistake here, IMO.

BTW, when's Tiger supposed to release?

I agree about the iPod shuffle; I can't really see the market for it. I'm guessing it probably won't sell very well, but we'll see.

Tiger's supposed to release sometime in the "first half of 2005," according to Apple's website.

Well, for a mere $500, you can get Tiger now!!! Also, here is a little more information on the technologies to be used in Tiger (WARNING: Very geeky material--can be quite boring).

Wow! Whisper-quiet? Cool.

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