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From a Daily Nebraskan story that ran today:
Ben Keele, junior political science major, has filed his own taxes for about six years.

But not all students are like Keele.

Actually, there isn't anybody in the world like Ben. He's the only person I know who:

  • Puts all his trophies in ziplock bags
  • Is the previous owner of an appendix named "Timmy"
  • Rented a safety deposit box largely to protect high school and current college transcripts
  • Actually thought all the Skittles were the same flavor
  • Thought that Blaise Pascal was British
  • Walks with his palms turned in so they face backwards
  • Has read the daily Legislative Journal (the minutes of the Legislature) and the Congressional Record since his freshman year of high school
  • Is the only privacy freak who ever signed up for identity theft

Well, that's all I can think of right now, but if you have any good Ben stories (and who doesn't?), feel free to post them!


Ben's the only guy I know who would take a taxi to the hospital after his appendix has ruptured.

Ben used to be in this barbershop quartet in Skokie, Illinois...

Yeah, that's back when Ben had a really bad limp. I always thought he was faking it though.

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