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"Dumb Things I Have Done" #4,739,201

Dumb Thing: I just washed a load of white clothes with a bag of Bigelow's Mango Green Tea.

Explanation: Every day, I take a couple of tea bags with me to the capitol. For ease of transportation (and to protect my tea bags from being crushed in my pant pockets), I always carry the bags of tea in my white shirt's breast pocket. I had one left over Thursday, and in my hurry after work to change clothes before class started, I guess I left one of the tea bags in the pocket. Silly me.

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Maybe I'm just easily entertained, but I started laughing out loud when I read that. Thats hilarious--how did the clothes turn out?

I was extremely fortunate that Bigelow wraps all its teas in pretty durable packaging. Had it been black tea wrapped loosely in paper, I think that all of my clothes would have been done for. Instead, the actual bag did not even get wet and my clothes were saved. It was a somewhat harrowing experience, though, seeing the tea package just waiting for me at the bottom of the washing machine when it came time to move the laundry.

That was close. Then again, it could've been interesting to have all your clothes suddenly have that antiqued, old-timey look.

And then you could say, "Curses! Foiled Again!" and actually have that sepia look to you.

You would also smell pretty good.

like a silent movie. you see his lips move, but then must wait a second for the black screen: "Curses! Foiled Again!"

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