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More fame

Today, Governor Heinemann gave his state of the state address. I sat up by the new Lieutenant Governor (Rick Sheehy, my now-former mayor) as he presided over the legislature. Splashing tomorrow's Omaha World-Herald is this picture. In the picture, I am the page (we wear white shirts and ties with black vests) directly behind Governor Heinemann. I'll have to talk to my press agent to make sure they get my face next time.

I would also note, for those of you who attend Zion Presbyterian, that you would probably recognize the page closest to Gov. Heinemann in this picture (in case you can't recognize him, his name is John).

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I pose to you a conundrum; a riddle, if you will:
Question: What UNL student activity has Nathaniel the RUF Intern done that virtually no actual UNL students have done?
Answer: I will post the answer soon; I'm interested if anyone knows the answer. Ben--once again, you are not allowed to play.

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Let me guess - he attended an ASUN meeting? I hope he at least got some of the senators' popcorn for going.

I go to Zion, and even with the name hint, I don't recognize Page John. A last name?

What has Crazy Shing done now? I think Andrew probably guessed correctly, but for the heck of it, I will venture to guess something different... he has um...gone on a geological dig in the Selleck Quad?

QuadRANGLE. Say it with pride! We had an involved discussion of the geometry of said quadrangle at the WCF study.

(I now return to the mind-numbing, endless, and seemlingly random "smiting" that occurs in Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur.")

Andrew wins, although Bethany's guess was, in certain senses, surprisingly close. As I was walking to the meeting last night, I saw him at the union (he had been reading there after the Westminster Confessions study), and I--completely as a joke--said, "You should come to the ASUN meeting tonight!" He, being entirely too nice, agreed to stay until he had to leave at 7:00 for a Bible study. I felt really bad for him because: 1) he did not get any popcorn (in fact, he didn't even get the food that was actually there earlier--pizza); 2) the meeting was super-boring.

Last name for John? I hesitate to put it on the internet, but it starts with "H" and is the last name of a famous comedian who was shot by his wife. Perhaps I might as well have just said it, but this way makes me feel better. (At least I thought he said he went to Zion...)

I know the name you mean, but I don't know anyone at Zion named that, nor do I recognize him. That does not, however, mean he doesn't attend Zion - there are many people there I don't konw, especially a lot of college-aged people who come irregularly or who I just haven't met yet. Or maybe he goes to a different service than I do. Crazy.

Bethany, I'm not sure but I think that's SCC John.

Are you referring to the great John Helushi that was in such comic masterpieces like Blues Brothers and Animal House?

Oh wait, that was John Belushi, and he died of a drug overdose. My bad. Sucks for both of them though. Just teaches you that comedy is a dead end road that will lead to either drugs or crazy women. Let this be a lesson to us all(specifically Andrew). Yeah you know what I'm talking about.

surprising, i know!

but it is more complicated than that---because i counted the "angles" over at the selleck quadrangle, and no matter how i count, i can't come up with the number four. what could this possibly mean?

Ahhh, SCC John! That makes sense now. I didn't recognize him without a baseball cap. And without, you know, the letters "SCC" in front of his name.


In light of your comment, I did some research. Now, the Selleck recreation area does indeed have four angles. However, when the north wing of Selleck is thrown into the equation we gain another angle, making it the Selleck Pentangle. If you include Seaton, Benton, and Fairfield, you can sort of come up with a "north quadrangle," as it were, but Seaton, Benton and Fairfield are decidedly NOT Selleck. Also, this would then make it the Selleck Octangle, or the Selleck Bi-Quadrangle.

Also of note: the map doesn't even call it a quandrangle. Rather, "Selleck Quad." Perhaps we're attaching the quadrangle classification where it doesn't belong? Is it possible that "Quad" refers to the number of buildings that compose the Selleck complex? I would appreciate if someone would investigate this possibility and get back to us.

I did a few Field Studies today, and discovered some surprising statistical evidence concerning the Selleck Quadrangle, or the lack thereof.
Of three Selleck residents observed and interviewed, I have found that "Quadrangle" may not be an architectural reference at all, but rather a subtle hint as to the common personality type of residents.
Of these three subjects, 66.6% agreed that it is "hip to be square." Other analyses pending.
Respectfully submitted,

Yes, this is SCC John. I apologize for not including that information (I did know he goes to SCC), but I didn't even think about it. Also, he has not yet worn his baseball cap to work, but I will ask him about that when I see him on Monday (tomorrow's a recess day).

Also, on an unrelated note, I wanted to let you know that neither of the online pictures I linked to actually appeared in the print versions of their respective newspapers. Instead, my mother told me that I appeared on page A6 of the Hastings Tribune, so if you pick up a copy, check it out.

I just wanted you to know that, even though no one else responded to your comment, I appreciated it. You can even count it as a public service announcement (especially for Andrew).

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