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Although I haven't written much on this blog, my mind has been churning out lots of possible posts. I have toyed around a little with a few, but none of them seemed to amount to much on their own (except a book review, but I don't have time for that right now). So, here's a smattering of my thoughts over the past week.
In my Top 5 Page Post, I somehow left out the main reason I decided to write the post. This had me laughing all morning. Since "Top 6" doesn't sound very cool, we'll just sort of insert a new number, with the reasons still totaling five:

Threeve: Being on a first name basis with senators. In fact, just the other day, a senator came around the corner in a hallway and said, "Well, hello again Josh!" In fact, he quickly learned that my name was Josh when I worked two years ago as a page, and he is still able to call me Josh, whether or not my name tag is in full, complete view!

I had a moral dilemma the other day: I was sitting in a Tuesday-Thursday class (meaning that classes last 1 hour, 15 minutes, and either end on 15 minutes after the hour, or 45 minutes after the hour--this one was supposed to end at 12:45), and the professor said (at 12:15), "Well, it looks like our time for today is up." I knew what time it was, and I knew what time we were supposed to get out. Should I have gently informed the kindly professor that he had mixed up his time schedule, or should I have bolted quickly out the door of that uber-boring class as quickly as possible, before he realized his mistake? Let me know if I need to repent of something: I chose the latter.
Grrrrr. If any of you have a spam filter for your e-mail that you don't ever check to see if legitimate messages got trapped, you might want to start. I received a rather terse (yet somewhat diplomatically controlled) voice mail the other night from a lady whom I had promised to help with a project, but who thought I had systematically ignored her e-mails when she gave me things to do to help. I rummaged through about a month's worth of spam (around 1500 messages), and I found about ten legitimate e-mails that my spam filter had caught. I had been dumping my bulk mail folder without ever checking it for as long as Yahoo! has had a spam filter, but now I will no longer be able to do that.

I suppose that's a good thing, though. Otherwise I might miss all the advertisements on how I can refinance my home or a bunch of other things I really, truly need.

Finally: goodbye, Johnny Carson! He did so much for this state (especially his hometown of Norfolk) and for the University I attend. I never really watched his late night television show, but from what I hear, no one ever equalled what he did.

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Hey, at least the senator got the first letter right. I was in a project group last semester with two other people, and one of them consistently called me Julie. Everyday.

And that's not a moral dilemma. You took an opportunity foisted upon you by ignorance. Besides, people who do inform the professor that the boredom is supposed to continue for another 30 minutes are the ones who get lynched by the angry mob.

I wouldn't even think twice about walking happily out of the class. I would view it as a gift from God that I had been released early from class. And I agree that if you had pointed out his error, you probably would have been beated up after class. Or at least glared at. I think you chose wisely. :)

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