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Restroom Sociology

This morning I walked into the restroom in the library. I saw another student standing in front of the mirrors in a shirt and tie. As I proceeded to walk by him, I heard him start talking. Thinking he was addressing me, I turned and looked. He wasn't looking at me, but was looking at himself in the mirror, so I figured he must be talking to one of his friends in the stalls. Weird, but nothing I haven't done. (Heck, I've thrown things at friends in the stalls *cough*jacob*cough*) As I proceeded to do the usual restroom activities, he continued talking. I soon realized that he wasn't addressing anyone in particular, except himself in the mirror. I listened closer:

"We need to greet the new day and take advantage of our times. We are called to leadership," etc.

It soon dawned on me that he was practicing his speech in the mirror of the public restroom. A few people came in, and I watched as they went through the same process of staring with confusion, looking around, and finally coming to a realization of what this guy was doing. How quaint, I thought, and went to class.

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That was so nasty that time that ball you threw at me went into the urinal. Oh, good times. Good times.

Well, I'm jealous. Sounds like all the fun happens in the men's restroom.

Don't say that too loud, Anne.

Question: Did this guy not have a mirror in his ROOM in which to practice this speech? I hope he was practicing facial expression too, while he was watching himself talk. I wonder if Dave does this.

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